domingo, 11 de janeiro de 2009

Grécia 50 Dracmas 1964 - Pick 195

Drachma, pl. drachmas or drachmae (δραχμή, pl. δραχμές or δραχμαί (until 1982)) is the name of:

1 - An ancient currency unit found in many Greek city states and successor states, and in many South-West Asian kingdoms of the Hellenistic era.
2 - Three modern Greek currencies, the first introduced in 1832 and the last replaced by the euro in 2001 (at the rate of 340.750 drachma to the euro). The euro did not begin circulating until 2002 but the exchange rate was fixed on 19 June 2000, with legal introduction of the euro taking place in January 2002.

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