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Mozambique - 20 Centavos 1933 - Pick R29

Mozambique - 20 Centavos 1933 - Pick R29
Obverse and reverse of a note of twenty cents issued by the Company of Mozambique in the city of Beira on 25 November 1933.

The legend perforated in duplicate, has the following inscription: "PAID / 5.11.1942.
Founded in February 1891, following the whole excitement and reorganization driven by Ultimatum English, 1890, the company obtained a concession for operation and management majestic, for 50 years, the territories of Manica and Sofala. Among many other privileges, this grant allowed the issuing of stamps and currency.

In July 1942 the administration of these territories came to be made by the colonial government of Mozambique, under the supervision of central government.

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