sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2008

Congo - 10 Franc 2003 - Pick 93

Carvings: Apui-tete Chef Luba; Coupe en Bois Luba.
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The franc is the currency of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is subdivided into 100 centimes.
During Belgian colonial rule, currency denominated in centimes and francs was issued for use in Congo. These francs were equal in value to the Belgian franc. From 1916, the Congolese franc also circulated in Rwanda and Burundi. From 1952, the currency was issued bearing the names Belgian Congo (either "Congo Belge" or "Belgische Congo") and "Ruanda-Urundi".

In 1960, Rwanda and Burundi adopted their own franc, whilst, between 1960 and 1963, Katanga also issued its own franc.

The franc remained Congo's currency after independence until 1967, when the zaïre was introduced, at a rate of 1 zaïre = 1000 francs.

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