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Arábia Saudita - 1 Riyal 2007 (2008) - Pick

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The riyal is the currency of Saudi Arabia. It is subdivided into 100 halala.
The riyal has been the currency of Saudi Arabia since the country came in to being and was the currency of Hejaz before Saudi Arabia was created. The Hejaz riyal was based on (though not equivalent to) the Ottoman 20 kuruş coin and was consequently divided into 20 ghirsh. However, although the Hejaz riyal was the same weight as the Ottoman 20 kuruş, it was minted in .917 fineness, compared to .830 fineness for the Ottoman coin. Thus, because the first Saudi riyal had the same specifications as the Hejaz riyal and circulated alongside Ottoman coins, it came to be worth 22 Ottoman kuruş and was consequently subdivided into 22 ghirsh when coins denominated in ghirsh were issued from 1925. This remained the system of currency even though the riyal was subsequently debased to a coin equivalent in silver content to the Indian rupee in 1935.

Note that the Latin alphabet spelling "ghirsh" rather than "qirsh" reflects the pronunciation in Saudi Arabia, whilst in the Arabic script the spelling was the same as used elsewhere.

In 1960, the system was changed to 20 ghirsh = 1 riyal and this was followed in 1963 by the introduction of the halala, worth one hundredth of a riyal. Some Saudi coins still bear denominations in ghirsh but this denomination is no longer commonly used.

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Unknown disse...

interesting blog.

i just have one thing to say. the spelling of the word ghirsh does not reflect the pronunciation of the original word Qrish in saudi arabia at all.

it's just that those who do not speak Arabic can not pronounce the Arabic letter Qaf which the word Qiesh starts with because the Arabic letter Qaf does not exist in latin. so, someone tried to write the word Qersh in latin alphabet in away that is in his / her opinion would lead to a pronunciation that is closer to the original Arabic pronunciation but they failed. no one in saudi pronounces the word qersh as ghiresh at all. i am 100% sure of this.