quinta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2008

Israel - 1 Lira 1958 - Pick 30

Front: Fisherman carrying fishing gear; view of bay with ships;
Back: Mosaic from thefloor of an ancient synagogue at lssafiya on Mt. Carmel;
Watermark: Face of the fisherman.
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The Israeli lira (Hebrew: לירה ישראלית‎, Lira Yisraelit, plural: lirot yisraeliot, לירות ישראליות) or Israel pound was the currency of Israel from shortly after the creation of the state in 1948 until 1980. Until 1952, the name used on the notes of the Anglo-Palestine Bank was Palestine pound, in Hebrew לירה א"י (lira E.Y. i.e. lira Eretz-Yisraelit). In Arabic, the name was given as junayh filisţīnī (جنيه فلسطيني, c.f. Egyptian pound)[1]. In 1952 the Anglo-Palestine Bank changed its name to Banke Leumi Le-Yisrael (The Israel National Bank) and the currency name became: lira yisraelit (לירה ישראלית) in Hebrew, junayh isrāīlī in Arabic, and Israel pound in English[2]. From 1955, after the Bank of Israel was established and took over the duty of issuing banknotes, only the Hebrew name was used, along with the symbol "I£"

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